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to aero or not to aero

to aero or not to aero

I’m doing ironman in July and am faced an important question.

Do I get a time trial bike or do I keep riding my road bike? This is actually a big deal and whichever way I choose, there are some serious implications.

Not to aero (aka race on my current road bike)

  • I keep my street credit with the roadies (actual cyclists)
  • I save thousands of dollars
  • My brakes and gears are safely side-by-side where I can reach them at all times
  • I can continue to pretend I’m in the Tour de France while training
  • I don’t have to get more flexible in my hips and lower back     
  • My bike won’t look like it melted from being in the sun too long

To aero (aka race on a time trial bike I don't currently own)

  • I’d have a time trial bike!
  • As long as I can figure out how to ride it, I’ll be way faster
  • I’ll gain street credit with triathletes
  • Wearing an aero helmet wouldn’t look silly, well…as silly
  • I could legitimately have an aero water bottle too
  • I could pretend I’m Miranda Carfrae
  • I’d be doing one thing a day that scares me, because time trial bikes are scary

 As you can see – serious implications both ways. I haven’t made up my mind yet. There are a couple other options too; I could always rent a time trial bike or borrow one.

 In the meantime I’ll continue to ponder, to aero or not to aero. That really is the question.

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