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Socks | a fresh start

laurel richardsonComment
Socks | a fresh start

I love getting socks for Christmas! Obviously I could go buy socks any time I want and still there’s something about the gift of socks that makes me feel special. So why I am especially excited about getting socks this year? Although I probably have 100’s of socks (read: lots but not that many), I’m seriously lacking in the pairs department. It seems like one from each pair has up and left. Flown the coop, if you will, which begs the questions...where do they go and why do they go? With a fresh pair on my feet, I ponder...

common answers

  •  the dryer ate them
    a likely story…my underwear, which is significantly smaller than my socks never get “eaten”…except for the time they did but it broke the dryer and the evidence was all there.
  • they've been left somewhere
    how many times do you leave the house with both socks on and come back with just one? That’s what I thought.
  • they’re just "lost"
    nothing is just lost.

more likely answers

  • they want a vacation
  • they’re not happy in their current relationship
  • they feel lost and crave a soul-searching pilgrimage
  • they’ve fallen in love
  • they realize they’re not cut out for the job and search for a new one
  • they work better alone

Seeking a fresh start for any of the above reason is brave. I suppose I can't be too hard on them.

here's to fresh starts! 

I say it lovingly with a few socks down.