Everest of the Day

Everest of the Day

For the first aerobic activity post race, we chose hiking the BCMC and continue to the top of Grouse Mountain where the wind mill hangs out. We definitely took our time and made a stop to check out the bears, because..well…there’s bears! Lee decided to give us a 50min head start so he could crush the grind in 37mins. Show off.

Anyway I’d like to report that the leisure hike felt awesome and I bounced up the mountain but I can’t.

I started my watch at the base and was quickly met by extreme hunger. I figured it was fine… I can be hungry for an hour or so. Then I had a headache and felt dizzy, THEN if I didn’t pay attention I would easily fall behind my long-legged friends.

When we got to the top, I was excited to take the tram down and stuff my face with food BUT the group wanted to go to the real top. I almost said no, except Solvieg (badass German athlete) was like “in life I just say yes, because who knows that could happen next” fiiiiiiiiine. Swami-Solvieg wins.

We leisure hiked to the top and the view was magical. I didn’t feel physically better for doing it but I did feel like I had just mentally summit-ed Everest.

Bottom line: some days you don’t have it, but say yes anyways, unless you really really really want to say no, then just say “Screw you guys”

Day 18 #the100dayproject