Face time on the Radio

Face time on the Radio

On friday morning I was asked if I would join Keats McGonigal (ironman head honcho) to do a local radio interview on my prep and experience of ironman Canada.

My first thought was check trainingpeaks - can't say yes if I have a date with the swimming pool. My second thought sleep-in vs try something new?

I decided to say yes.

And when I did, Roundhouse Radio told me what time to be there and to be myself.

Naturally I blow dried my hair, which I don't normally do and wore a new shirt for my "appearance" on the RADIO. The humour is not lost of me.

I think the interview went well enough and the instruction to be myself really stuck with me. How do I be myself with a microphone in front of me? How does anyone be themselves all the time? And I think that is our lives' work to a certain extent. Being yourself ...with a microphone, ...writing a thank-you note, ...when you have to call your internet provider, ...when you're in a meeting, ...at an interview, ...posting on social media, ...addressing a crowd, ...on a first date. That's the work. Being yourself.

Here's the interview: http://cirh.streamon.fm/listen-pl-3879

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