We laugh in the face of Hills

We laugh in the face of Hills

One of the qualities of the happiest people is the ability to savor. They savor moments in the present and get nostalgic about the past.

In the spirit of happiness, here’s one of my favorite memories of running with my dad. I mentioned before that I started running as a kid and I’d often go with one or both of my parents. We’d run from our front door on terrain that was less flat and I get stressed as we approached a hill. Running uphill was hard, and I wasn’t sure I could make it (of course, I could, we all can, but it my head mole hills were mountains) It didn’t help that I’d sprint up hills to get over them faster.

My dad urged me not to do this. Sprinting uphill was not his idea of a cruisey family run. To help me get over my uphill demons and, he’d say one of two things as we approached an incline.

  • “Hill?! What hill? I don’t see a hill. Do you?”
  • “A hill? We laugh in the face of hills!” (and then he’d exaggeratedly laugh– think count Dracula laughing - all the way up)

Needless to say, I got over it because that shits just funny. I got to run up hill trying not to laugh and fall over instead of trying to just get through it so I could stop. I learned to love uphill. I learned to rise to the occasion (pun intended).

I still pull from my Dad’s antics around hills with me on bike rides and runs and during non sweat challenges too. It comes to me in two choices: acknowledges what I’m facing (tough work timeline, crazy hard workout, a complicated conversation) and know I got it anyway or don’t even acknowledge that the challenge is a challenge and simply keep on keeping on.

“To-dos lists? I laugh in the face of to do lists!”

Savoring little 12 yr old me laughing uphill with my Dad and savoring advice that stuck.

Day 9 over and out