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not a stripper and not giving up

not a stripper and not giving up

It's inherent in the name not to mention unmentionables but I just need to.

Here's how today went. I was shopping with my mom - one of our favorite activities - wondering with lattes trying things on that we don't necessarily need. It;s decadent. Today I tried on a few sheer shirts. I asked the sales person what she though ot them.

"oh, they look gorgeous on you. You might want to wear them with something other than a polka-dot sports bra though."

Fair enough. But what should I wear?

"Maybe a lace camisole?"

Outside voice: "Ooo good idea!"
Inside voice "where the heck do I find one of those?"
(I'm not a complete idiot, I just know two categories - sports bras (for 99% of all occasions) and regular bras (for the 1%

This prompts the underwear search addition to our shopping day and since we're at it, I keep my eyes on for PJs.

We walk in to the first underwear store and I'm floored. Neon -padded-lace -zipper-latex-tassel -glitter-push-up-separate everything. EVERYTHING.

I overt my eyes and wonder to the PJ section and there are two options:

  1. grey give-up sweat pants
  2. crotchless-unitard

I'm not kidding.

The second store we went to ( a department store!) was mostly the same. Beige spanx or no crotch. Oversized-shirt that says "diva" or bra thing with a body cape that ties up at the front.

Is there no in between? I don't wan to wear give-up sweatpants and I also want my underwear to come with all its parts. Is that a lot to ask?

If you are looking to start a business in an unsaturated market, normal underwear is where it;s at. And if you happen to know where to get normal PJs and underwear please message me directly.

Day 7

Face time on the Radio

Face time on the Radio