Photography is Contagious

Photography is Contagious

Vanessa was in my University art program and lived to take photos. It was her biggest passion. The way she talked about shutter speed, exposure, lenses was nothing short of romantic. The rest of us in the program saw her love of the craft and assumed that photography must be the best activity in the entire world. 

We all bought cameras.

 Funny enough, we weren't all feeling what Vanessa felt. In fact none of us were.

Instead of seeing her passion for cameras and trying to find out what we were passionate about, we bought cameras. We went after the camera part, not the passion part. That was our mistake. Next time you see someone who's so alive, so enthralled with something consider that it's not what they're doing, it's the how and why of what they're doing.

Passion is contagious (and we all want some), cameras are not.

Day 4