Sober July

Sober July

I woke up on July 1st hungover.

You'd think I'd had quite the Thursday evening before but I hadn't. I enjoyed 1 beer from the comfort of my own couch. That's it. Just one

This isn't the first incident like this. 1 beer = feeling rough especially since Ironman training had really picked up. It could've been that I was always just a little bit dehydrated, or it could've been the extra strain from training, regardless, it was annoying and I didn't have time for it so I quit.

Now, when I say "quit" what I mean is that I wasn't drinking any beer, but I did have a sip of other peoples' from time to time when they were trying something interesting. According to some that doesn't "count". Anyways...

what I lost over Sober July:

  • an adventure. I don't drink the same beer over and over. I really like trying something new almost every time.
  • a habit. I really liked kicking back with a beer after a workout.
  • a way to relax. I couldn't come home after work and say "I need a beer"... I mean I could but I couldn't so anything about it.

what I gained over Sober July:

  • a heavier wallet. It adds up.
  • extra calories. I probably ate candy with them, steps.
  • solid sleep. I slept soundly.
  • recovery. I noticed a slightly faster recovery from training and Ironman Canada
  • bright-eyed mornings. I had a much easier time waking up early.

What happens in August, you ask? Well I'll start by kicking back with a beer and see what happens. Groggy August 2nd? Might be sober August!

Day 21 #the100dayproject