solo road trippin'

solo road trippin'
  • have a sleep in
  • host a 90min goal meeting
  • lunch with my Dad
  • gather everything I own thats made out of sugar, spandex and carbon and put it in my car
  • get in the car and drive from Vancouver to Whistler. It's ironman time.

I often end up going to races by myself. I'm usually meeting people there or people will meet me later but that actual drive, ferry, or plane ride is often solo and I kind of love it.

There are a couple things I always do: get a kick-ass audiobook or playlist and buy something I don't really need en route (muffin, coffee, smoothie). This time I bought a $16 pair of pink sunglasses with mirrored lenses from Nesters in Squamish. I REALLY wanted to make the 5pm close of athlete check-in which meant in my hurry, I accidentally left my sunglasses at home and drove with the gas light on for a few Kms too many. Oops. Anyways the sunglasses are an excellent addition to my life and driving on empty didn't kill me.

So the drive - driving to Whistler is gorgeous (so is biking to whistler) and while I drove up I felt all the feels. All the highs and all the lows. I felt the immense support of my village (from yesterday's post). I felt the pressure I put on myself to meet my goal. I imagined crossing the finish line and what I would do. I thought about what race I want to do next. I thought about WHY I like doing what I do. I thought about my friends that own houses, instead of bikes. I ran through it all. 

As I approached whistler I actually squealed out of excitement. "It's TIME!" 

  • Parked at IGA
  • checked-in
  • bought 2 new race belts (I constantly lose them) and since they were ironman brand they were a million dollars

What's the bottom line? I think the mental prep we do before a big thing (race or otherwise) is mega important and I see that I get to do that in transit alone. It's the time I can't be on my phone, or talk or tidy or anything. Just me and my spandex on a trajectory towards a goal. Where's yours?

Day 11