Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

My alarm went of at 4am this morning. My first thought was "whaaaa?" my second "oh right! ironman."

Coffee, toast and out the door. I could give you my blow by blow race story - what happened in the swim, what happened on the bike and on the run - but instead I want to share something else - how I made today my own.

There are a few givens during ironman - the distance - swim: 3.8km, bike - 180km, run - 42.2km and the rules - don't cross the centre line of the road on the bike, wear a helmet, don't draft, don't swear, don't bite people (probably an unspoken rule), stay on course, etc. but the rest is really up to you. The compliance of the race is so easy, relatively speaking, and everything else - your mood, your approach, your outfit, your purpose that's what turns an event into an experience. Here's how I made it my own today:

Outfit - I have a sugoi one piece with sleeves. It's fully black. I love it but I needed a bit more flare. I used the office design workshop this week to laser kit a metallic unicorn and  bonded it to the back of the kit. I couldn't ever see it, but just having it there made me happy. My hat on the run had glitter letters that said "SUNDAY FUNDAY." I just love this hat and I better love it because minimum order quantity was 10!

Music - you can't listen to music during the event but I still like to recite music in my head. I chose a couple songs that felt fitting for the day: All day album by Girl talk, Dancing in the dark by Bruce Springsteen, Can't stop that feeling - JT, and My body by Young the Giant

Conversations with myself - I tell myself a few things: Be an example. I often tell myself, that the world doesn't need another person who gives up on what they love doing because they are too busy at with work, life, anything. And so I do events and crazy stuff in my free time to be a living example of that. In a race, I think about how many people are watching - young, old, family, strangers and they don't want to see someone suffering and feeling sorry for themselves. They came for a show. They came to support and to be inspired. So if I'm walking, I walk with a smile.

The Hurt - and finally any time I was really hurting, I decided that I was making a deposit in my bad-ass bank. Paid in sweat, grit and muscle soreness, to be withdrawn whenever I need a dose of bad-ass to get me through.

I don't necessarily recommend you do any of these things, but I do recommend you do whatever you can to make your day your own.

Day 14