Surf, Jam, live in a Van

Surf, Jam, live in a Van

 or swim, bike, run. Dealers choice!

Ironman race briefing today. Not my first rodeo so I expected to see the usual: visors, compression socks, shaved legs on men, enormous watches on slender wrists, aerodynamic sport sunglasses. Nothing wrong with the usual. I've learned to embrace my people. We like spandex and neon and we like a lot of it. We range from 18-88 but somehow all look roughly about 35 years old.

This race briefing remind me that this sport really takes all types. True, there were people listening intently like only a Type A, water bottle sipping, spandex wearing person can listen but there were also people like my friend Sian with her Bob Marley T-shirt, a watch that tells her only the surf tides in Tofino, playing Pokemon Go.. My buddy Robyn, rolling in with his hipster sunglasses and tiny dog in toe. My friend Elliot who holds the swim course record rolled up looking like it was a lazy Sunday (also collecting Pokemon) and Barry who was in bro-get-up taking his family on a mountain name a few and then I remembered to open my world view of what an ironman is....or at least what an ironman looks like.

Big, small, young, old, new, seasoned we're all doing it and it means something different to all of us.

Day 12