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The Devil is not in the Details

The Devil is not in the Details

Of course the saying is that the devil IS in the details. I had a teacher once say that "what if God was in the details? What would that change?"

My answer: everything. 

She didn't mean in a religious way and neither do I.  I mean is that details are what make any situation. Collections of tiny things done well or not well, shape our experiences:

  • Tiny chocolates your pillow in a hotel? win.
  • Poor presentation of a delicious mea? possible lose.

Packing my ironman transition bags:

  • Win - if I have the planning and care to put everything I need in there in the right order I want it to come out.
  • Lose - I forget something small but important and have to find it on course or make do without it,

Here's what goes in each of my transition bags (this time)

Swim to bike:

  • helmet
  • cycling shoes with my socks already inside them
  • inhaler

Bike to run:

  • running shoes with socks already inside them
  • number belt already done up so I can slide it over my feet
  • salt pills attached to my number belt
  • inhaler
  • tiny water bottle
  • favorite gels
  • hat and sunglasses - set together and pre-sized to my head
  • bonus run outfit in case I can't stand wearing a unitard anymore

bike special needs:

  • 2 additional water bottles with EFS
  • the rest of my bike snacks 
  • bonus picky bar

run special needs:

  • more of my fave gels

Details matter.

Day 13

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday

Surf, Jam, live in a Van

Surf, Jam, live in a Van