The earth is spinning

The earth is spinning

As part of recovery week, I took myself to a lte night yin yoga class. What is yin yoga? Well. Basically you lay on pillows and the instructor tells you which way to roll. Imagine when you watch Netflix on the floor by yourself. Like that, but no movie.

But actually, it’s passive yoga to get at your fascia. Seemed like a good idea for the recover process. So here I was laying on a bolster, with various sized blocks propping up various parts of my body and the instructor starts to talk about stardust.

“Here we go” I think to myself….This is the part of yoga I call “we are the world” It's the time when the instructors ponders aloud on our infinite connection to each other, our planet and the universe.  

Sometimes I love this part “oh yeah, that’s my jam”

And sometimes I internally roll my eyes and then make a shopping list in my head.

I was about to do the latter but caught myself and decided go with it.

Here’s the bottom line of what we yoga pondered: your life is busy, it feels really important, the details matter and yet you are also on a planet spinning and circling the sun somewhere in the bug out there, so maybe everything you’re busy with isn’t really all the important in the big scheme of thing.

Touché lavender-leggings-yoga-instructor

Here's what I’m taking away: I’m behind on emails, not overly productive at my desk, I haven’t booked Kona accommodation yet and I don’t know what to do with my precious long weekend. I’m preoccupied with how to intermix ironman training, work and my relationship in to one big happy life for the next few months. I’m concerned that I don’t eat enough calcium. I can't for the life of me pick the “right” shoes for wedding season, I think my hair is turning a bit green AND….

The earth is still spinning so I guess I can get some purple shampoo and calm down for a hot second

Day 17 #the100dayproject