Welcome! I document my adventures in endurance sports, my ninetofive, and things that come to mind. Hope you have a nice stay!



My birthday was a real whirlwind. I was away for a week, had a birthday, then flew to Hawaii. Birthdays are the perfect time reflect on the previous year: start lines, heart-ache, sprained joints, all of it. Here's what happened when I was 30


  • 2 half-ironmans
  • 1 ironman
  • 2 half marathons
  • 1 8km
  • 2 granfondos



  • 3 - I moved twice (twice!!!)



  • 2 - I left my sexy design role and went back to People and Culture where my heart beats hardest



  • 1 - not everything is forever and it was time


New things:

  • teaching indoor cycling
  • public speaking - I loved it already and I'm working on being comfortable, genuine and connected no matter how many people
  • taking vitamins - it works, you guys



  • threw my back out skate skiing
  • sprained wrist from granfondo crash
  • perpetually missing toenails - the cost of endurance sports


Lessons: I notice these now, hard to say that they only happened in the last year

  • By each passing year I get better at knowing and saying what I really mean, uncovering what it is I really believe and want. I imagine it's the process of peeling back layers or polishing and polishing until what remains is essential and uncluttered. I guess when people say "getting comfortable in your own skin" they mean something like that.
  • I don't need people to like me. Don't get me wrong, I like when people like me, but I'm also ok if they don't. I'm not for everyone and knowing that saves me so much time and energy.
  • I say "no" and it feels good. I always tell people that their "yes" is only as strong as their ability to say "no" and I think I'm finally actually applying it.
  • I'm ok with being wrong. I like being right and having the answer, A LOT and there's a time and place to be persuaded, to have my mind changed by someone else perspective and to flat out be wrong.
  • I'm patient. Ok, I'm not patient. I'm becoming patient-er. 
  • I apologize. It goes with being wrong. I find it easier to take responsibility and clean up messes I've made with people.


I also notice:

  • I have wrinkles! ...upgraded to smile lines
  • I can get pretty hungover after one beer
  • I feel 18, but when I talk to an 18 year old it becomes abundantly clear that I am 13 years older than them
  • I can't get away with not sleeping. It makes me feel and look actually tired
  • I don't like eating pure sugar as much as I used to


Things I wanted to do but didn't:

  • bike race and collect points to be in the Granfondo Giro
  • a skate ski race
  • an ultramarathon
  • go to school


...31 and counting.


Island Time

Island Time

From Mexico with Love

From Mexico with Love