I document my adventures in endurance sports, my career, and quite frankly the nuances and intricacies of just being a human. Count on me to share the inspiration, challenges and musings that make this journey so worthwhile.

16 of 2016

16 of 2016

Relishing the finishline of 2016 before
toeing the startline of 2017

1. The Parent trap. This year featured BOTH my parents getting remarried. My parents separated when we were adults so we saw the bravery and heartache of splitting up. We saw them discover and redefine who they are. And this year we witnessed them finding and publicly declaring new love.

2. My Brother is a Dad. Rachel and Chris had second baby girl and now can say things like “we’ll bring the girls,” and in moments like that I’m reminded that my brother is responsible for tiny humans and that he is no longer the teenager that would race me home from school to see who could devour dinner leftovers first or take the TV remote and the family computer and the family phone and insist that he needed them ALL at once.

3. I’m adulting. I adulted hard, ok not that hard but, this year marked times when I lived by myself, launched an RRSP program at work (my parents might die of shock for that one…it’s a rare kid who insists on a loan from their parents for a Barbie play house). I got a nexus card and pumped my own car tires. I get excited about kitchen gadgets and even feel a little better when I put my things away.

4. Kona. My 5th ironman and my first Kona. It was something I saw on TV as a little girl and then actually did. People keep asking me “what now?”, like maybe I’d be over it, but consider me iron-struck (that’s what I call people who fall for ironman hard). With being in Hawaii, came love and support I had never felt before. My tribe, whether they actually like triathlon or not rallied behind me, cheered for me, checked in on me, not because it’s their passion but because it’s mine. For this I am forever grateful and truly touched. Mahalo.

5. I became one with the pavement. I crashed my bike in the Whistler Granfondo. After crashing I could easily go home – we’d only ridden 35km by this point and I could just turn around. I crashed and no one would fault me for “quitting”. But I didn’t, I slow-and-steadied the other 90km to Whistler without a draft and ended up faster than the first time I had done the event 2 years ago. 

6. Business Card reprint. I started January with a new job. I left a creative role for a people one and learned that "Creative" is a way of approaching work. I'm no less creative for not opening adobe everyday. In fact I might even be more creative now. I’m challenged, supported, I have a hydraulic standing desk and my team is the bomb.

7. I’m subscribing to weird science. I had my bellybutton lit on fire. No joke. This happened to me at acupuncture. This year marked a further exploration of alternative kinds of self-care: acupuncture, holistic nutrition, meditation, intuitive healing…

8. I’m part of a girl gang. There are some seriously talented and smart AF women out there and I can happily say I am friends with them. There’s no shortage of them to swimbikerunskiyoga with. I can always find someone smarterkinderaccomplished-er to ask advice from and it’s awesome.

9. #morethanmiles lululemon Run Retreat. In September I had the pleasure of guiding Canada’s most influential runners through conversations that matter at lululemon’s first ever run retreat set in beautiful Whistler BC. I almost said no to the opportunity because I felt too busy. I’m so glad I didn’t. I left inspired by the talent, in the fullest extent of the word talent and contemplating the same questions I asked them to answer: Who am I within and outside of sports? What do I value? What's not serving me? What can I stop doing? What will I be remembered for?

10. 100x100 and 200km. The 4th annual 100x100m was right before Christmas and the 200km ride was just before Ironman Canada. I’d never ridden more than 180km (I know… I know.) so one ride, I just kept going until it had been at least 200km and came home. 100x100 is an annual tradition and I think 200km is going to be one too.

11. I’m a beginner. My current focus is getting good at skate skiing and it’s proving to be a challenge. I go, I fall, I’m slow, and I get tired. I forgot what it felt like to be a beginner. Beginnerness is a cool quality to experience – enthusiasm, sponge-like absorption of any information that might make me better, intense focus on what I’m doing, being positive even though I am so slow – maybe I should pretend to be a beginner in everything?

12. I missed conference. For the first time since 2010 I wasn’t at our annual lululemon leadership conference. I was in Hawaii, which was awesome. It felt weird to do the work ahead of time, cross my fingers, wish everyone good luck and hop on a plane. I learned that even if I'm not there to see things happen, they...

13. I did all the bad stuff. Not like the real bad stuff… but I did things like stay up late, drink beer whenever I felt like it. I ate candy. SO much candy. I stopped waking up so early. I’m not saying these are good things for the long run, but at the time they made me happy and I let them make me happy. I didn’t judge myself for choosing twizzlers over kale; I enjoyed it.

14. I chased a boy. …to running speed work and as a result, I ran myself into a PB of 1:26 at the First half Half-marathon.

15. I burned my bra. This year, I learned that I’m kind of a feminist. I notice that when I run past young girls on the seawall, I try to look cool and like I’m having fun so maybe they’ll want to live sweaty lives when they grow up. I try to go as fast as I can in races to do my part to further women’s performance in sport. I take STRAVE QOMs so another woman can try to take them back and I go to work and do my best to be a powerful leader in sweet shoes to model one way to “have it all.” Someone once told me “you can be it until you can see it” – I hope I’m adding to girls being able to see it…. Whatever that “it” is for them.

16. I got my PhD in happiness. As a work assignment I did a literature review of goal-setting, meaning, purpose, happiness, strengths and my eyes are opened to the world of positive psychology. Locke & Latham’s goal-theory, Angela Duckworth on Grit, Csíkszentmihályi on flow – it’s amazing. The fact that 1. Positive psychology exists and 2. This was a work assignment can only be good news for the world.

Small boobs BIG dreams

Small boobs BIG dreams