Communication is complicated

Communication is complicated

I love texting.

I'm the kind of person that's confused when my phone starts ringing. "what is that? why is someone calling me? why don't they just text?"*

Texting gives me freedom and choice of when I read and write back. Texting let's me multi task in meetings. Texting let's me be on the toilet and send unicorns and volcanoes to my friends. I just love it.

Except lately I've been doing work through text messaging. At first it was a dream come true, now it's not. Messages get confused, intent is cloudy, details get lost. It's annoying. I know have to retract my belief that text messaging conquers all. It doesn't. At least not for me anymore.

I sit here as a phone call or face time or FaceTime or skype or other things with faces convert. Sometimes you just can't beat human to human. It's faster, clearer, easier. I can't send unicorns but I'll get over it.

*as an aside, my family thinks I purposely don't answer my phone which is NOT true. I repeat NOT true.

Day 28 #the100dayproject