Earn Heaven Er'day

Earn Heaven Er'day

I was talking to a teacher of mine, attempt to impress her with all the excellent work I’d been up to since I saw her last. I told her about some work I’m completed -  I’d written this program, led this session, finished this initiative. She asked me what I’d been up to lately and I didn’t really have a good answer and that’s when she told me to earn heaven everyday.

I didn’t get it. I’d recently been really awesome, surely that was enough to get me through for awhile. Couldn’t I just live off the fumes of previous awesomeness?


Earning heaven on the daily means that you wake up to a fresh startto be good and to do good. Sure, stand on the shoulders of giants and on the shoulders of your previous success if you want to, but this day is a new one.

If I only see it from this angle, this statement is borderline annoying, even though it’s one of my absolute favorites. Ah, but there’s a twist.

Earning heaven works the opposite way to It’s actually from the igolu principle (and many places) “everything is recoverable” meaning that regardless of what went down yesterday, in your last argument about emptying the dishwasher or a snarky email you sent, you can change it today… If you want.

Today I really wanted to phone it in at work. Like really wanted to and was about to ease in to the fact I’d already tried hard all week so I could just coast. Earning heaven Monday to Thursday seemed good enough and then I remembered it isn’t. It isn’t ever.

Day 26 #the100dayproject