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Foot in the door

Foot in the door

There are two persuasion techniques that I was reminded of today

Foot in the door (FITD)

This involves getting a person to agree to large request by getting them to agree to a series of simple and easy request, 

Door in the Face (DITF)

This involves requesting something very large that the person is likely to say no to, so when you ask your real request it sounds much more reasonable and they are more likely to say yes.

I learned about these way back in university. Back then my easy favorite was FITD. It seemed like the one that would most often work and it does - especially on me.

example one - 
will you run with me? yes
can we wear matching colors when we run? yes
can we wear costumes? sure
can we run just a little bit further? fine
and just a little further? fine
and can I have some of your water? sure
can I drink the rest of it? I guess.

vs. Will you run 80km with me in a neon spandex costume and also can I ate all your food and water? no.

example two -
will you help so-and-so with this one thing? it'll take an hour. sure
can you relook at it today, we made updates. sure
can you revise this one part in the next 30mins? sure
can you rework this one page? fine
can you revise this and send it back in the next two hours? yes
can you add an inspirational photo in the next 30mins? yes

vs. Can you take this project and do it off the side of your desk even though it doesn't have a clear end date and it will get in the way of the other things you;re supposed to be doing? No.

What if everyone just asked for what they really mean? Then neither of those techniques would matter or exist. I thought a lot about this today. My answer: 1, people are jerks.... and 2. (my real answer) people don't actually know what they're needing to ask for. Surely no one means to be unreasonable, more often then not.

my modest proposal - look for when you accidentally use one of these. Work quickly builds up and it's easy to not see it. 

Day 24 #the100dayproject

who would like to share?

who would like to share?