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From Mexico with Love

From Mexico with Love

Lately I've been talking about going back to Mexico and right after I say that, I launch into all the bad memories that I had from last time I was there.

Terrible things:

I did Ironman Cozumel where my hip cramped and lowed back ceased. I proceeded to get off my bike over and over to stretch and then essentially walk/ran the marathon and I BASICALLY finished at midnight (more like 6:30pm. but with my melodramatic race brain, I forgot the sun set so early there).

After the race, I got a pretty nasty cold, followed by food poisoning from a salad (rookie move) I ordered from Hooters. By then end of this, all I wanted to do was go home and never go back.

This handful of things is basically what I tell everyone about my Cozumel experience. In fact, I told someone this story yesterday, followed by "it'd be nice to go back and make some good memories there so I can forget these bad ones."

Today I realized I've only recalled the last 72 hours of my trip and completely forgot the rest of it. Going back to the beginning I remember some awesome things from Cozumel.

Awesome things:

My mom and David and a bunch of my friends where there.

The ironman swim was with the current and finished swimming on top of a sunken Jesus statue and dolphins.

After I landed in Mexico, the Taxi driver asked "you want banana?" I said no thank you (because I didn't know where he as going with it), he said "I can tell you hungry, we get banana" (I was) and pulled over, he ran out of the car and came back with a bunch bananas. He insisted I eat two and shared that he eats at least two bananas every day. Noted.

A little boat ride was the final leg of the to get to Cozumel. Once I got on it, I quickly learned I booked a party boat and that the person next to me was someone I already new! A lululemon ambassador (David Garza) who I met at a summit in Whistler. Small Small world.

My "next store neighbour" where I was staying was in the race and doing his first ironman. He had his own company back in London that was all about holistic health and reducing stress in the work place - insta-best friends for the trip! We talked for hours about health, goals, happiness, leadership, and it was awesome.

My new friend Neil was a vegan and had pre-arranged with the resort to have special awesome meals that I also got to have for the remainder of my stay. He;d say things like "stick with me, I've got it figured out" and you know what? He really did.

Post race, because we still had our athlete wrist bands on, my group of friends and I could go to a lot of places for free - like the ZOO.

Strapped for enough helmets, my friends and I drove scooters around town with aero helmets on - did not go well with the local police.

I went to Hooters for the first and only time in my life in Cozumel and even though I got food poisoning, I consider it awesome.

One of my final nights there was spent eat an enormous plate of nachos with buckets of guacamole among friends.


Somehow the "Badness" of my bad memories, completely over-shadowed the goodness of my good memories. While I might go back to Cozumel this year, it won't be to rid myself of bad memories, it'll be to make more awesome ones.



Communication is complicated

Communication is complicated