Is it necessary?

Is it necessary?

One year, for our annual leadership conference, lululemon invited Davidji to speak on doshas and meditation (doshas are cool - you should learn about them). He finished with a final thought.

"When you go to speak consider the follow and if you can't say yes to all of them, then don't say it.

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
Does it improve upon the silence?"

Ugh. the first time I heard that, I realized that at least 80% of everything I've said in my entire life could probably have gone unsaid. I do okay with the true and kind bit.... I think...but necessary or improves on silence? This could be the great work of my life. 

I think about what I did today. Picked up a friend for a bike ride, talked er ear of for the entire drive, met another cyclists talked to him, met the group, small chat with them, started riding and unless I was anaerobic, I had something to say, all the way up Mt. Baker and all the way back down.

Necessary? No.

Socially I feel obligated to fill the silence with whatever I feel like saying out loud. It feels right. I seems like a social kindness. I'll grapple with this one for awhile. I wonder what it would be life if people just hung out together? Would we be dying to say something? would we feel connected? No clue.

Day 27 #the100dayproject