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laurel richardsonComment

I was recently at an event where each speaker answered 3 questions: What are you most proud of from 2017? What would you do over if you could? Who lifted you up? I thought this was an awesome way to reflect on 2017.

What I am most proud of

  1. Every race I did and every race I didn’t do because it takes courage to start and it takes courage to know when not to.
  2. Using the majority of my extended health benefits because it’s my quantitative measure of putting importance on my health and self-care.
  3. Deciding to put education on the table and in doing so, starting a graduate certificate in Organizational Change.
  4. Learning how to skate ski (imagine a baby giraffe on skis) and competing in two skate ski races. It felt awful and at the same time rewarding to be a beginner.
  5. Every strava trophy, especially the cycling ones and especially the Santa Barbara hill climbs because the cycling ones feel harder to get.
  6. Participating in the inaugural World Happiness Summit in Miami.
  7. My successful clothes shopping freeze from January to April.
  8. Our failed 200 vegetable challenge because it led me to eat 64 unique vegetables this year
  9. Discovering Licorice all Sorts for the first time and falling in love with them.
  10. Every moment I spent with my family, in deep conversation, biking up a mountain, swimming early in the morning, chasing people around the track, and being there when it mattered most.

What I would do differently

  1. I would have taken more power naps and spent more time on mountains.
  2. I wouldn’t have taken a spot at Ironman 70.3 worlds in Chattanooga. I already knew I didn’t want to go.
  3. I wouldn’t have registered for Ironman Louisville. I knew my body was fatigued and my mind was overloaded and although, very doable, the training felt like a slog.
  4. I would have campaigned for myself and my work more powerfully and diligently through a department reorg that delivered me no less than 3 different job titles this year and I would have taken less responsibility for things that were truly not mine to taken on.
  5. I wouldn’t have attempted a handstand on the couch that resulted in smoking my foot, ripping my big toenail off and causing an actual injury that side-lined me from running for a week.
  6. I wouldn’t have worried so much about if I was coming off in the right way and what people thought of me.
  7. I would have taken more vacation days.
  8. I would have let go of comparison of others – athletes, couples, business people, authors, Instagram stars – which truly does slowly erode your sense of self.
  9. I would have said yes to more of the things that bring me joy and less of the things I felt like I was obligated to do.
  10. I wouldn't continue to add kale to everything because sometimes it really doesn't go.

You lifted me up

In a year where sometimes it felt like I needed more cheerleading than usual, I couldn’t name someone who didn’t lift me up. If you think you did, you did, and if you think you didn’t, you still did. 

Happy New Year’s, set wild goals and be good humans.