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A Fan Letter

A Fan Letter

In honour of International women’s day and the incredible women in my life.

  • I know that I’m not a shining beacon of openness when it comes to things typically tailored to the feminine.
  • I know that I cringe when my yoga friends talk about the feminine receptive energy of the moon
  • I know that I make fun of tampon commercials and probiotic yogurt commercials because honestly, it's the same commercial
  • I know I turn my nose up at certain books tailored just to women ( eg. - running for women – is it really so different?)
  • I know I resist baby showers for fear of hearing each attendee share their birthing story.
  • I know.
  • I know.

Regardless of my take on what I think qualifies as feminine or not, I must give a shout-out to the women who have inspired me, befriended me, mentored me, coached me and raised me.

    The Strangers

    There are countless women I have been deeply inspired by that I have never met. Athletes, actors, artists, activists, writers...I once heard someone say, "Let your life and how you live it be your speech for what you believe in." It's cool to think that although I don't know them, these women have shaped who I am. And to take it a step further, is it possible that I could be doing the same for someone I don't know? Maybe.

    The Crew

    I count on you (even when I'm not awake enough to say anything) to stand on the pool deck with me,  shivering in your neon swim suit. I count on you to run with me after work when I really don't want to. I count on you to catch the medicine ball I just threw at you, and I count on you to throw it back just as hard. Together we make each other (sweatier, more tired and) better women.

    The Bosses

    In my time at lululemon, I have had more managers than years of employment, all of which who have been women. There’s a saying “you can’t be what you can’t see” and I must thank each and every one of you for being a real life example of leadership, integrity, compassion and legit business badassery for me to see and be. 

    The Moms

    I don’t always envy you but I’m always applauding you. The fact you clothe and feed anyone other than yourself in the morning is amazing to me. I see work moms talk their kids through a meltdown over the phone between meetings. I see work moms with younger kids brandish storm troopers from their blazer pockets when looking for their FOB. I know you listen to your kids even when they’re being annoying (because apparently even when they’re young, they can tell when you’re not listening), I know you have to watch Frozen on repeat. I know your teenage kids take time to make sure you know you’re not cool anymore. I know you have to take those cute little demons to the grocery store and that bringing them their makes your trip take 6x as long. I see you momming even when you don’t feel like being a mom and I just think you’re the shit. Thanks for raising the next generation.

    The Mentors

    Thank heavens for the mentors, coaches and leaders I've come across in my life. From my high school track coaches, gifted counsellors and teachers who taught me to ask more of myself,  to be impeccable and let my freak flag fly high. Seeing someone's potential is such a gift and I'm so thankful that someone saw a gift in me and told me - the spiky-haired, loud-introverted extrovert in fire engine red overalls covered in paint.

    To all the incredible women, like Susanne Conrad and the leaders, I've met through Lightyear leadership who have shown me how to truly stand for people, ask more of them and to do it with compassion. And to women like my coach who are relentlessly tough, smart and attentive listeners. Who knows what the hell I'd be doing with my time without you.

    The Friendpreneurs

    I don't think I have a friend or family member who isn't inventing and dreaming either as their full time job or on the side. I'm inspired by what you get up to in the 24hours you've been given each day. Consulting businesses, design agencies, yoga programs for youth, resiliency retreats, volunteering in your community, starting your own baking business...and it goes on and you'll go on. I trust that you'll always be searching and inventing that thing you believe you can offer to the world.

    To all the incredible women in my life, I am your biggest fan.

    Go local sports team!

    Go local sports team!

    Do you think I'm an athlete?

    Do you think I'm an athlete?