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Efficient on Occasion

Efficient on Occasion

***it's too funny not to share that the first time I set out to write this, I sat down, ate way too many taco chips then fell asleep. Time management (ha! ha!) for the win!***

Today is about time management from the blog squad (HaileyJenLizChristineCaitlinElizabethErin) systems, methods and ideas on how to use time intentionally. All this comes with the caveat that I have it pretty easy and in truth, I’m not exactly the most systems-driven or organized person. in fact I have accused people of “hiding” my things, when they put them away. I'd say I'm better at enjoying time than saving time.

Yes I have a full time job.
Yes I spend a lot of time training.
Yes I make time for friends and family, doing random things just for fun, cooking, being relatively tidy and trying new things but honestly, time is on my side.

My commute to the office, pool, cycling studio are all under 10mins.
I don’t have kids to dress, chauffeur, entertain, feed and keep alive.
My job is pretty flexible about when I work and where I do it from.

 Still here are some of the efficiencies and intentional inefficiencies I use.

Training + work Efficiencies:
Each sport has its own bag
I have a swim bag, a bag I put running stuff in for the office bag, I have an indoor cycling bag and a general exercise bag. I don’t want to spend time taking my swim shampoo out of my cycling class bag and putting it in my swim bag so I have multiples of a few basic items (nuun tubes, shampoo, lotion, etc) but it also means I can just grab a bag and go.

I have a coach
I don't spend time worrying out what to do and when. I just follow (for the most part) the program and this particular program is all about quality over quantity.

I leave a lot of stuff in my car
I know people say don’t leave stuff in your car but I leave so much stuff in my car anyway. I leave bonus running shoes, tights or shorts, my swim equipment bag (I only ever drive to swimming so why take it out of there?), bonus water bottle, yoga mat etc. That way I minimize how many times I have to go home in between activities and I can do a lot things on a whim.

I leave a bonus outfit in my desk drawer
Just like my car, I leave a generic workout outfit in my desk drawer so I can fit a random strength or yoga session in and around meetings/work etc.

I pack my own lunch and bring snacks, even if they’re gross
Preparing and packing my lunches and snacks takes time but it’s time and energy I easily get back during the day. I will always bring my lunch even if ingredients in the fridge are sparse and weird. Rice noodle, pinto bean, tomato and spinach “Stir-fry”… whatever, I’ll eat it.

I do intervals…at work
10 on 1 off works for running. Why can’t it work for …well work? I’ve got some good ideas and I’m pretty good at getting work done but not all day, so I break it up either by setting my watch for work time and break time OR I space out work with random breaks in between. Finish 3 slides in this strategy deck, then go get water. Write back to those six emails and then wonder over to distract a work friend for 10minutes. It’s not perfect but it works for me.

I live by outlook
For real. I schedule EVERYTHING. Meetings, appointments, workouts, lunch time, work time.

I do the small stuff first
I know there are some many analogies about doing the big tasks first… Putting the big rocks in the jar first…but I put the annoying rocks in the jar first. The small annoying tasks and to-dos that are super easy yet somehow take up so much mental time and space are the ones I do first, then I have more mental space to do the big thinking and big work. Got a parking ticket to pay or an easy email you don't want to write? Just get it over with and check it off the list - feels good and takes hardly any time.

Purposeful inefficiencies:
I know I could be more efficient and in some cases I don’t want to be. I need in between-doing-nothing time. I think it helps me be present, feel relaxed and enjoy my day.

  • I wake up so very slowly. I feel like a dinosaur who’s been asleep for a thousand years when I wake so instead of forcing awake-ness, I give myself about an hour and a bunch of coffee before I go anywhere…unless a workout starts at 5:30am then FTS.
  • I often go home in between working out and going to the office or vice versa just so I can enjoy eating breakfast/snacks and laying on the floor.
  • I like team work so even if it’d save time to divide and conquer, I often elect to run errands and do chores as a pair.

How do YOU make the most of your time?

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