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Small boobs BIG dreams

Small boobs BIG dreams

2017 has been here for a week, which means the odds of me writing the correct date on something is really going up. This week at the office we had something called an Appreciation and Learning session for the year. We sat in a room as a team and listed all the things we intended to do this year, all the things we actually did, what went well, what we learned and what we'd never do again. 

The list of what we planned to do as a mighty team of 15 was enormous! A new executive once told me in the their first few weeks,

"I've never seen a company that believes they can accomplish so much in one calendar year."

With the laundry list of ways I'm going to be the best possible version of myself, me and my blog squad decided on 7 - JUST 7 things we're excited about for 2017 and here are mine.

7 of 2017

1. Celebrate Drynuary. 
Hold the drinks for January and 2 other months this year. I love LOVE a good dark beer. Recently I'd drink one as a habit instead of intentionally thinking - do I even want one? Drynuary is all about intention and breaking bad habits.

2. No pants allowed.
January 1 marks the day I don’t buy any clothes until April 1 – excluding running shoes. I have plenty of clothes and I’ll be fine. I’ll have to find a new way to experience the rush of having something new. Again this is about breaking habits. I find myself walking out of stores with a new sweater, pants, shirt, scarf and when I get home I see that I already have a ton of each of those. I just want to be present and actually chose what I'm doing instead of autopilot adding things to my shopping cart.

3. Kona and for goodness sakes break 11 hours in Ironman Canada.
I’m faster at swimming, biking and running, I can do piston squats and more pull-ups then ever and somehow I am not faster in Ironman. How? HOW? It’s time.

4. Promote myself.
In sports it’s normal to rise to the occasion. ...Sign up for a race you’re not currently capable of doing, then training for it and then actually doing it. Couch to ironman, we see it all the time and we love an underdog story. It doesn’t seem like everyone is onboard with that in a corporate setting. We want people who can already do it fully. Like fully fully which makes sense but it isn’t exciting. In my job, whatever the title I aim to make it exciting, scary, risky, I'll have to raise to the occasion - a corporate ironman if you will…..or if you won’t, but I will.

5. Speak the truth with Love.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty nice but when I’m annoyed, I get impatient and I can walk away with the thought "not my problem". I pull away from people and hope that when I come back they’ll have figured it out. I catch myself thinking “why don’t they just… know that… get over that... see that… understand that… start talking… stop talking for one second…” And energetically or actually walk away. My goal is to stay, be a part of the solution, see what I need to learn, listen, coach and care. I like it when people have the time and patience to come along side me and help me see what I'm not seeing. I like it when people tell me the truth (with love!) even if I don't want to hear it. I want to do the same.

6. Nail the basics.
I always want the next fastest thing or special item that’ll give me the edge. I'm refocusing on the basics: sleep, showing up on time, charging my garmin, wearing the HR strap, working unwaveringly hard, drinking water, making adult food choices. These are my competitive edge.

7.  Make a new recipe a week.
"I was 32 when I started cooking, up until then I just ate." This is from one of my thug kitchen cookbooks (so effing awesome). I'm not 32 but I feel the same. It's time to cook, to blend, to spiralize. It's time.


Photos courtesy of Chris Thorn Photography

Efficient on Occasion

Efficient on Occasion

16 of 2016

16 of 2016